Car Detail Air Spray Gun

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Detailing Work Made Easier!

"Really great for tight places! I love this so much! This is my first time using a spray gun and it went flawless. It's small but gets everything done. I used a lot less paint and overspray. Also fewer runs and an overall better job!" - Vincent P.

Why Buy Our Car Detail Air Spray Gun?

EASY TO USE: This Car Detail Air Spray Gun is suitable for water-soluble paint and a variety of spray paints, dedicated to the car repair industry, top quality furniture, and other precision equipment which need fine surface finishing. This spray gun is supplied with a 4.2 oz. (100 ml) gravity feed cup, with 0.8mm nozzle. 

CONVENIENT: It's lightweight and comfortable for long-term operation even in wintertime. This paint gun comes in handy when working with small areas or those tight places that are hard to reach with a larger spray gun. It sprays anywhere from 20 - 43 PSI.

BUILT-IN 3 CONTROL KNOBS: It has 3 control knobs for Fluid control that regulates the amount of paint sprayed, for Pattern control which adjusts the fan pattern size, and an air adjustment valve that provides versatility to adjust airflow.


  • A good general pressure to start spraying at is 30 PSI.
  • Requires minimum 3/4 hp compressor, 
  • An HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) type of spray gun, to get a superior finish and save paint.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can you spray cerakote paint from this?

A: This spray gun is very suitable for spraying ceramic paint.

Q: Can this gun be used with a porter cable 6 gallons 150 psi portable compressor?

A: Yes, It's very suitable

Q: What is the diameter of the cup?

A: Cup diameter 2.1 inches, capacity 4.2 ounces, interface thread M14 x1