Car Emergency Grabber Tool

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Safely & Easily Unlock Your Car Door!

“This tool is so much better than the little wire ones that come with the kits. If you unlock many car and semi-truck doors, you need this one. The first time I used it, I loved it! I definitely recommend it to anyone who does roadside service/lockouts.  It’s worth every penny.” - Alex Coleman

Why Buy Our Car Emergency Grabber Tool?

RELIABLE: This grabber is a specialty long-reach tool that is specifically designed for pulling up vertical car door buttons during emergencies or lockout. Just loop around the vertical button and pull it up to open the car. It’s that easy! It is also great for grabbing unreachable items, especially in tight spaces.

TOP QUALITY: It is made of durable, quality material with a soft coating that can protect it from scratches and marks. Its retractable loop with grip cover can reach up to 38” in length once straightened, ensuring you can reach and grab the items you need without a hassle.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does this work to push buttons to unlock, and does it have an adjustable wire to pull locks and handles?

A: This tool can pull up vertical door locks to open your car, and yes, it can be adjustable.

Q: How long is this device?

A: It is approximately 38" feet in length when straightened.