Car Wheel Brush Cleaning Kit

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Clean Your Wheels Easily with this
Water-Powered Brush!

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β€œIt does an excellent job of cleaning my rims. I used it the other day and it made my wheels and rims look so clean, nearly brand new. I also enjoy that it comes with two types of brushes: hard and soft. This is also very useful for cleaning surfaces.” - Elliot K.

How Efficient Is This Kit?

βœ…Β Durable: It's made of high-quality injection-molded plastic that won't corrode and will last a long time. It is powered solely by water pressure and connects to any garden hose. Simply connect and clean your wheels easily.

Car Wheel Brush Cleaning Kit

βœ…Β Powerful: For optimum scrubbing power, the water-powered wheel cleaner brush produces gradual and constant torque. Its purpose is not to spin quickly, but to remove dry dirt and grit by pushing it away with a steady, consistent force.

Car Wheel Brush Cleaning Kit

βœ…Β Convenient: It comes with (2) wheel brushes: one soft black brush for delicate surfaces and one tough white brush for any heavy-duty filth that your car has. This effortlessly removes brake dust and road grime and your car's entire exterior.

Car Wheel Brush Cleaning Kit

Car Wheel Brush Cleaning Kit

πŸ“Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is this powered solely by the pressure of a garden hose?

A: Yes, the turbine is designed to work with standard residential water pressure in the United States and will attach to a garden hose (GHT) via a quick-connect connector or directly to the hose end. Lower pressures (from a well) result in slightly less torque, while higher pressures result in slightly more torque.

The brush, however, is not intended for use with pressure washers or other high-pressure water lines.

Q: When you apply pressure to the wheel, does the brush continue to spin?

A: Yes, it has this feature and it can also be stopped with very firm hand pressure or by squeezing it too hard into a small spot, although this rarely happens in normal use. Because water pressure affects torque (turning force), using the unit with a low-pressure system (such as a well supply) may result in lower torque, making the brush easy to stop.

Q: What else can I clean using this?

A: You can easily clean brakes, bikes, headlights, and other vehicles' exteriors. Some also use this to clean furniture, big toys, etc.

Car Wheel Brush Cleaning Kit Specifications

Car Wheel Brush Cleaning Kit Package Inclusion