Carbon Fiber Ceramic Rear Brake Pads

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Replace your old brake pads with these!

Carbon Fiber Ceramic Rear Brake Pads

“These brake pads are in really good quality! The installation is fairly straightforward, and it worked great on my rear brakes. I’ve installed these months ago and so far, there’s no noise, hardly any dust, and it’s not worn out too badly.” - Alec T.

Carbon Fiber Ceramic Rear Brake Pads

Why Buy Our Carbon Fiber Ceramic Rear Brake Pads?

✅  BETTER STOPPING POWER: These brake pads are made with a low-dust ceramic formula  infused with carbon-fiber to increase braking power and for better stopping power. They’re also designed to reduce brake dust & eliminate noise.

Better Stopping Power

✅  VERSATILE: These pads are perfect for rear brakes of every-day cars, pickup trucks, and SUVs.


✅  HEAVY DUTY: The brake pads feature positive mold technology that delivers consistent performance and the powder coated backing plate helps resist rust and corrosion. The premium rubberized shims and chamfered and slotted design helps ensure noise-free braking.

Heavy Duty

📝  Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are these pads for the front or rear brakes? 

A: The pads are for the rear brakes. There are 4 pads included in the package, 2 pads for the left and right wheels. 

Q: Is a ceramic brake lubricant included in the package? And how do I apply the brake lube? 

A: Yes, everything you’ll need to install the pads are included in the package: a ceramic brake lubricant, and the necessary stainless-steel hardware needed for easy installation of the pads.

To apply the brake lube, just apply a small amount on the back of the pads where they contact the caliper. Be careful not to apply or get any brake lube on the friction side of the pads.

Q: What are the vehicles compatible with this? 

A: Please check this PDF File to see the list of vehicles compatible with this.


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