Chrome Car Air Filter

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Style & Power Under The Hood!

This air filter fits perfectly without any interference with the throttle linkage, distributor, or carburetor! - Julian Evans

Why Buy Our Chrome Car Air Filter?

✅AIR FILTER: Replace your older air filter with our Chrome Edelbrock Car Air Filter! Compatible with a wide range of popular 5-1/8" diameter carburetors—including Performer Series, Thunder Series AVS, Holley, Thermo-Quad, Quadrajet, and Carter AFB—this replacement ensures a seamless fit for enhanced airflow and optimal filtration.

✅DESIGN: It has compatibility with all Edelbrock carburetors & a 3/8" deeper flange for optimal fit and performance. Crafted to perfectly integrate with Signature Series valve covers, these air cleaners are stamped from durable 18-gauge steel, triple chrome plated for enduring quality and a sleek finish. Complete with knockouts in the base and an adapter for crankcase ventilation.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will this fit my car?

A: To know if it fits, first of all you need to check if you have enough spacing for a 14 inch diameter filter about 3 inch high, remember you also need spacing for the butterfly that holds it down. Finally check if your carb has a 5-1/8 inch diameter. If all of this is ok, it will fit perfectly.

Q: Will it fit two barrel carb?

A: It would depend on what two barrel carb. Some of the new circle track carbs have the same diameter as a 4 barrel. Most likely you will need a different filter bottom.