Clamp-On Bucket Hitch Receiver

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Fast and easy clamp-on receiver on tractor buckets!

I wasn’t sure about this hitch when I purchased it. But it has proven to be a great investment. Easy to put on and take off. I used it to move trailers around my property. Little and BIG trailers. Get you one! –Terry

Why Buy the Clamp-On Bucket Hitch Receiver? 

✅ Easy Installation: Direct bolt connection, no additional drilling is required, simplifying the installation process. Used for quick clamping and disengagement on the bucket of your tractor, enabling swift and easy attachment and removal.

✅ High Performance: Has a side stopper design that offers superior protection against vibration and rattling, ensuring a secure towing experience. The T-Bolt Design enhances stability and durability, providing a more reliable hitch connection.

✅ Heavy Duty ConstructionMade from heavy-duty steel for maximum strength and reliability, capable of withstanding heavy loads. Rust resistance, ensuring the hitch remains in excellent condition despite exposure to the elements.


Q: What are the exact dimensions of this item so that I can make sure it will fit my bucket?

A: The overall length is 17", the tubing is 2 1/2" sq, the upper tubing is 9" to the drop, the jaws opening is 2 1/2" and the upper receiver depth is 9 1/2".

Q: What diameter is the jam bolt head?
A: The diameter of the bolt head is 1.5 inches.