Commercial Fire Sprinkler Shut Off Tool

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Effortless Safety, Emergency Ready

You need one of these if your home has a fire sprinkler system. I hope to never use it but in the event one of the sprinkler heads leaks, I will be able to minimize any water damage. It feels solid and the parts appear to be excellent quality.” - Robert A.

Why get our Commercial Fire Sprinkler Shut Off Tool?

Effective: Accidentally hit or activated a single sprinkler head? No matter what the cause is, the Commercial Fire Sprinkler Shut Off Tool is the best tool to prevent the activation of the rest of the sprinklers. This tool can quickly shut off a fire sprinkler in seconds, preventing water damage, while keeping the building safe. Other sprinklers can stay active but not triggered until the damaged one is being to replaced.

Durable: The amount and pressure of water released by a sprinkler is uncontrollable. This tool has been thoroughly tested in 100% water and proven to stay secure even under high water pressures. It can hold water tight up to 350 PSI or 2400 KPA, making it essential for firefighters, construction crews, and building managers. The sprinkler head tool is built from tough case-hardened steel with zinc and chrome plating for long-lasting durability and wear resistance. 

✅Easy to use: No special training needed!! The red quick-release arm on the Commercial Fire Sprinkler Shut Off Tool allows you to stop the spray of a fire sprinkler head in seconds and remove it with just one hand. Just slide the tool around the sprinkler head and squeeze the handle.

Versatile: This sprinkler tool stops ½” and ¾” sprinkler heads. It works on all types of fire sprinklers, including conventional, upright, pendant, sidewall, and recessed heads.



Q: Can you use this before the water comes out

A: This is a response tool. The sprinkler head must be activated before using this tool.