Compression Tool For F, BNC and RCA Connectors

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Easily Add Compression Connectors To Your Cables!

"Worth the money! So far I have only used it on F connectors and it's easy to use. You'll be using this for a looooong time. Good quality compression tool!" - Gill S.

Why Buy Our Compression Tool Compression Tool For F, BNC and RCA Connectors?

✅EASY TO USE: Has a Dual-head and adjustment dial to accommodate various connectors such as RG59, RG6, RG7, and RG11 quickly and easily.

✅UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: Designed for use on F connectors, BNC connectors, and RCA connectors. This tool is ideal for installing CATV and CCTV network cables.

✅ERGONOMIC: Designed with plastic grips that provide a comfortable and efficient experience. It is also made of high carbon steel with a black oxide finish for longer life and durability.


  • BNC connectors must be at least 1.5" in length.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What connectors is this compatible with?


Compatible Connectors: 

  • PPC: CMP6, CMP6Q, CMP59Q, CMP11, EX6XL, EX59XL, EX59XLHE, EX6XLW9, EX6LP, EX7, EX7N716, EX11, EX11N716, EX320QR, EX320N716, EX6/59, EX6W8, EX59HE, EX6P, EX11N716PLPLUS, CMPRCA6, EXBNC6, EXBNC9167
  • Thomas & Betts Belden Snap-N-Seal: SNS1P6RMBL, SNS1P6RMBK, SNS1P6RMY, SNS1P6RMR, SNS1P6RMW, SNS1P6RMG
  • Cablecon: CX3-F596, CX3-IECF, FM-RG11-CX3, FM-RG7-CX3, FM-56-CX3 3.9, FM-59-CX3 3.7, BNC CX3, F-CX3

Plus many other brands and styles of F, RCA, and BNC connectors!

Q: How to use this?


  1. Choose the correct head by rotating.
  2. Open the handle.
  3. Extract the plunger and select the side compatible with your connector and reinsert the plunger into the holder. 
  4. With the connector pushed properly onto the cable, place the connector into the crimp, dial setting, and squeeze the handles together.