Containment Mat

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Keep Your Garage Floor Clean!

Easy to install, easy to clean, easy to maintain and keeps my garage floor absolutely spotless in the winter. My garage floor has a very slight slope toward one of the walls. Salty snow and ice would melt off of my car and pool against that wall. This mat solved that problem perfectly. - Riley Kim

Why Buy Our Containment Mat?

HEAVY DUTY FABRIC: Made with optimized fabric that keeps all of the snow, ice, and mud off of your garage floor.

EASY TO CLEAN: Has heat-sealed and water-tight seams to provide thermal and longevity. This allows more room in the corners for water, mud, oil, or snow to be captured.

STAY-PUT CORNERS: Designed to secure your mat in place and not fuss over trying to adjust the positioning or it slipping with its stay-put corners.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How can I know which size is best for my car?
A: 7'9" x 16' for compact cars, 7'9" x18' for mid-size cars, and 8'6" x 20' is for SUVs/ Trucks. This is based on an ideal mat size being approximately 2′ longer than your vehicle, and the absolute minimum mat size being approximately 1′ longer than your vehicle.

Q: There are some creases and wrinkles in the fabric will they go away?
A: Creases/wrinkles will lessen over time but may not go away completely.