Contour Gauge Profile Tools

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The Tool For Every DIYer!

"Easy, simple, and fun to use. Really helpful for making better cuts to fit whatever project you have. It's a brilliant tool. " - Troy D.

Why Buy Our Contour Gauge Profile Tools?

✅EASY TO USE: This is simple to use and allows you to get precise measurements when tiling, duplicating, cutting any objects, or even doing home maintenance and DIY projects. It can easily copy any shape, ideal for winding pipes, ducts, woodworking, most kinds of molding, etc. Except for measuring the inner triangle. 

✅CONVENIENT: Has a lock that is designed to easily transfer and makes work more efficient and convenient since it won't move out of form anymore. It also has an inch and a centimeter scale on the dual sides to provide accurate readings. Designed with a white sign for seeing the measurement clearly and easily.

✅DURABLE: This is made of high-quality ABS plastic making it high strength, rustproof and durable. The plastic conforms to shape and holds patterns very well. It also works well in creating an instant template for curved and odd-shaped profiles.


  • For first use, please check the tightness that fits your needs, otherwise, please adjust it with the SCREWDRIVER to fit your needs.
  • Perfect for woodworking workers, craftsmen, carpenters, construction, architects, thinkers, and DIY Handyman.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How to use this?


  1. Measure the shape you need.
  2. Then make tracing lines.
  3. Cut into the trace you've made.
  4. Get the exact fit.

Q: What is this made of?

A: It's made of high-quality ABS plastic.