Cooling Car Seat Cover

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Make your car rides cooler and more comfortable!

I didn't even realize these were a thing until I got this one and have been reaping the benefits since it's been so hot. It works better than the one we have in the land yacht because the three levels are stronger. There is a pleasant vibration quality to it too that feels good on my lower back when I'm making the longer drive to and from the airport. --Kelly

Why Buy the Cooling Car Seat Cover? 

✅ Comfortable Ride: The Cooling Car Seat Cover is equipped with multiple cooling fans and breathable materials designed to enhance comfort during car rides by preventing sweating and heat buildup. The seat cover includes 8 high-performance cooling fans that activate instantly, cooling the user within 5 seconds.

✅ Ventilation SystemStrategically placed to provide effective cooling by pushing cold air through an internal flow path that reaches the user’s back quickly. It has 3 different adjustable ventilation levels, and has five vibration modes that help relieve lumbar pressure, relax muscles, and make the ride more comfortable and energizing.

✅ Premium Materials: The cover is constructed from premium leather and breathable mesh, making it soft, flexible, durable, and also protects the original car seats from wear and tear. Designed to fit a wide range of car seats securely. The design ensures that the seat cover stays in place during use, providing a snug fit that integrates seamlessly with the car’s original seats.



⚙️ Specifications:

Compatible Vehicles: Car, SUV, Van, Pickup, Track

Fit Type: Universal

Materials: Fabric Mesh, Leather

Color: Black

Remote: Manual turn-on

Item Weight: 4 lbs

Package Dimensions: ‎16.57 x 11.97 x 4.45 inches

📦 Package Inclusions: 

1 x Cooling Seat Cover

1 x Headrest Cover

2 x Mounting Block

1 x power Adapter