Cooling Relief Towel

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Be Icy Cool In The Sweltering Sun!

"I bought two of these and they really helped cool me down when my AC died. I wrapped them around my neck when I was active, and just draped them over me at night when I was sleeping.”  - Gabriel Pearson

Why Buy Our Cooling Relief Towel?

✅CHILLS: Our Cooling Relief Towel provides you with an icy chill just by soaking it in water and even lasts for up to 4 hours! This is a lot more effective than hand fans or handheld fans as it provides an icy chill that fans that regurgitate warm air can’t replicate! For it to work the best soak it in for 1 minute and snap the towel to activate the cooling effect!

✅DESIGN: The design makes it incredibly long-lasting and you can reuse it anytime you want and you can even machine wash it! To take care of it properly air drying is best and since it's as flexible as normal towels you can store it anywhere you want! It’s also big enough to cover the parts that blood passes through the most to provide you with the best cooling effect!

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do you wring it out before using it?

A: Yes, you should wring out the excess water to not excessively soak your clothes.

Q: Can you lay down on this or is it too wet?

A: It’s not too wet for such uses and you can wring it out to your preference.