Cordless Scrubber

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Clean with ease for less elbow grease!

Getting back and hip pains from scrubbing the floor? Sink corners that you just can’t reach? Want to rub rub rub, but without the scrub scrub scrub?

Sounds like a cordless scrubber is just what you need!

Why do you need a Cordless Scrubber?

Traditional cleaning can be a pain. Literally, specially for the older folks who have to deal with back pain while scrubbing grout off the floor or reaching for a corner under the sink.

A cordless scrubber easily gets rid of that problem, with a long adjustable reach and multiple brush heads, cordless scrubs give you that clean surface without the extra effort!

No pain, all gain with a cordless scrubber!

cordless scrubber mop

Why buy our Cordless Scrubber?

Versatile: With 4 interchangeable brush heads to choose from, you can clean large flat surfaces, small areas, concave spaces like a sink or toilet and even edges, corners and tight places. 

Long reach: With a range of up to 47 inches with the extension wand, no need to kneel down on the floor or stand on your tiptoes!

Less Effort: Powered by two LG batteries that last for 50-60 minutes, you don’t have to rub and scrub so hard, just press the switch and voila! Automatic scrubbing at your hands!

Durable: The brushes are waterproof and made of tough plastic with soft edges, ensuring you long lasting use without having to change brush heads quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I need to replace the brushes on these?

A: These are made of durable plastic with soft tips, they are also waterproof. You can use these for a long time without needing to replace them.

Q: How do I remove water and dirt after scrubbing it with this?

A: You can use a mop or spray the brushed area with a hose for more effective cleaning.

Assembly and Usage Instructions

cordless scrubber
cordless scrubber mop


  • Product Dimensions: 22 x 6 x 5 inches (47 inches with extension wand)

  • Item Weight: 3.7 pounds

Package Inclusions:

  • 1 x Spin Scrubber

  • 1 x AC Adapter

  • 1 x Extension Arm

  • 4 x Brushes Heads

The go to choice for people who love to clean, whether it’s their homes, their bathrooms or their cars, guys and girls, young and old across the country have picked this convenient little cordless scrubber up!

With its versatility, ease of use and reliability, this cordless scrubber offers an upgrade for your cleaning experience, so get one NOW!