Corner Clamp

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Must-Have For DIYers!

"Very versatile and very helpful. It's easy to use too. The boards came together and were securely right where I needed them. Satisfied customer right here!" - Alexander M.

Why Buy Our Corner Clamp?

EASY TO USE: Perfect for framing, drilling, doweling and can be used as a bench vice. Join picture frames, cabinet frames, etc. easily. 

CLAMP IT ALL: Has moveable jaws and securely clamps your DIY project in place. Made with a sturdy aluminum construction that has oblong holes for easy mounting on your workbench.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are the sizes this can clamp?

A: This has a 2 to 3/4 inch width frame capacity.

Q: How many clamps is this?

A: You get 1 Corner Clamp.