Cylinder Head Service Tool Kit

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Complete Kit You Need For Engine Maintenance! "Works great! Managed to change valve seals since this kit got everything I needed. Worth the buy!" - Barry M.

Why Buy Our Cylinder Head Service Tool Kit?

COMPLETE: Perfect for removing and installing the valve spring with the cylinder head on or off the OHV and OHC petrol or diesel engines, and removing the valve stem seals on overhead camshaft engines. A must-have kit in engine maintenance! 

EASY TO USE: Allows the removal of stem oil seals squarely and without damage to the springs. Precision machined seal driving adapters guide the seal for proper setting.

DURABLE: Made of sturdy material for greater durability, which can provide greater durability and maintain tool stability in every high-intensity job.


  • Fit for 8 16 and 24 valve engines, suitable for most foreign and domestic cars.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are there valve pliers?

A: Yes, valve pliers are included.

Q: What kind of valves can this fit?

A: It can fit 8,16, and 24 valve engines.