Deck Wrecker

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Quick & Easy Removal Tool

“This is a really reliable tool. The large handle provides plenty of leverage and strength to easily tear apart pallets. In 5-10 minutes, a single pallet can be removed!” - Harry B.

Why Buy Our Deck Wrecker?

DURABLE: Features a 16" Polygrip handle that rests atop an unbreakable strong duty, thick wall, fiberglass handle that connects the user to a 1/4" carbon steel powder coated coller and it has the iconic duckbill head.


EFFICIENT: It removes all types of decks whether wood or composite, nailed or screwed. Pallets may be disassembled in seconds while reclaiming entire boards. Also, it can gently remove shiplap and car decking from wall studs or floor joists.


CONVENIENT: The heavy-duty design provides extra leverage at any angle to quickly pull boards off floor joists. Slides beneath the board straddle a single or double joist and usually lifts the board in one piece.

📝Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the two-way head used for?

A: It has a rotating head that rotates 180 degrees. Working against walls and railings with a two-way head enables for more efficient work.

Q: What is the length of the tool's top removal part?

A: The top part has a length of 3.3 inches.