Diverse Accessory Kit For Pegboard

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Pegs That Don’t Fall Out!

"Awesome accessories, you can basically organize/hang anything. Sturdy, sturdy and sturdy! The pegs on this line are second to none.” - Alec Fowler

Why Buy Our Wall Control Diverse Accessory Kit?

✅ORGANIZE: Upgrade your organization game with our Diverse Accessory Kit For Pegboard! offering superior hook engagement and security over conventional pegs.

Perfectly designed for Wall Control pegboards and slotted tool boards, these accessories guarantee a snug fit, keeping your tools and supplies in place, no matter the task. Experience a new level of efficiency and convenience in your workspace with these reliable, specialized accessories.

✅DESIGN: Discover a wide assortment of hooks, shelves, bins, and brackets, all meticulously designed for exceptional functionality and style. With adjustable stabilizing tabs and an attractive, scratch-resistant finish, these accessories not only elevate your workspace but also offer enhanced security compared to conventional pegboard options.

✅PEGBOARD: It's a pegboard that's over 10 times stronger than conventional options, providing unparalleled durability for all your storage needs. This pegboard effortlessly accepts 1/4in pegboard pegs and Wall Control Slotted Accessories, offering versatile customization for your organizational requirements.

With easy installation that takes just minutes, you'll transform your space into an efficient and secure haven for your tools and essentials. It's 16" wide and 32" tall with 2 pieces each for you to organize as you wish.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why is this "only for use with a wall control pegboard"? I want these accessories for my already installed pegboard.

A: ‎This has a specific design that only works for wall control pegboards with its horizontal slots. This makes it more stable but it doesn’t fit for standard pegboards.

Q: Do these work with the horizontal panels?

A: Yes, as long as they are wall control.