Drywall Circle Cutter

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Instantly cut perfect drywall circles!

The Drywall Circle Cutter went through the ceiling tiles like butter. This is a quick and useful tool that makes good cuts and scoring. I'm very happy with my purchase. –Eddie

Why Buy the Drywall Circle Cutter? 

✅Adjustable Cutting Diameter: The cutter can be adjusted to create circles up to 16 inches in diameter in drywall. Made of heavy-duty steel cutter blade and a steady center pin for a stable and precise cutting

✅ Variable Measurement: Comes in English and metric measurement in 1/4 in and millimeters.

✅ Easy to Use: Small, compact design that is durable and can be used straight out of the box. No installment and easy to operate.


Q: Can this be used to cut a fabric?

A: This tool is best suited for cutting gypsum. We do not recommend it for fabric.

Q: What is the smallest diameter it can cut?

A: 1 inch.