Dual Laser Garage Parking System

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Make Parking Easier!

"Our garage space is kind of tight, so parking the cars safely is difficult, this makes it a lot easier to do and saves us a lot of stress! - Luke Fisher

Why Buy Our Dual Laser Garage Parking System?

✅PARKING: You don’t have to worry about small garages and parking two cars with our Dual Laser Garage Parking System! It has two lasers with a 75-degree rotation that is wider than usual and two lasers that can guide two cars at once. You simply need to set it up and it turns on itself when it senses the garage opening up to 33ft away!

✅DESIGN: The lasers have a 360-degree adjustment, ensuring that no matter the vehicle or parking spot size, the laser can hit the mark every time. Even if the power goes out, the dual laser garage parking aid can use a 9v powered battery backup and it shuts off after 30 seconds without motion saving on battery life.

❗ Reminder ❗

  • This does not come with a 9v backup battery.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is it possible to function only with the battery?

A: Yes it can.

Q: Can this be mounted on the front wall?

A: Of course, you can mount it wherever is the most convenient for your garage’s dimensions.