Edge Cleaning Pressure Washer Attachment

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No Edges Left Uncleaned!

"Helpful attachment for pressure washing your driveway and sidewalk!! It's a wonderful idea that allows you to clean the edges of the driveway without destroying the grass. Worth the purchase!" -Amy G.

Why Buy Our Edge Cleaning Pressure Washer Attachment?

✅EASY TO INSTALL: Simply insert and lock in your spray tip to attach to your high-pressure wand and you're ready to use it. Just make sure that grass is edged well before cleaning, leaving at least a 1/8" gap and 1/2" deep groove between cement and grass.

✅CONVENIENT: The aluminum deflector plate will prevent high water pressure from directly hitting grass, flower beds, mulch, etc., and greatly minimizes the mess of pressure washing. The tool for easily cleaning edges of driveways and sidewalks. 


  • 1/4 Quick-Connect Attachment for Gasoline Pressure Washers (some electric pressure washers may not fit the connection and are underpowered for a good clean job).
  • Make sure your pressure washer is 2,500 PSI or greater
  • The spray wand should be 36 inches long or greater. 

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will this work on a curved sideway/driveway edge?

A: Yes it will work on common sidewalk or driveway curves.

Q: Do I need tools to attach this to my pressure wand?

A: No tools are needed. Just insert and lock into your spray tip.