5 Ton Electric Car Jack Kit

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The Kit For Every Driver!

"Really great kit to have in the car and garage. Used this quite often than I thought. Lifts my SUV effortlessly. Very pleased with my purchase!" - Edwin J.

Why Buy Our 5 Ton Electric Car Jack Kit?

✅POWERFUL: The electric car jack is hydraulic driven, it can lift vehicles within 5 tons in less than 2 mins to its Max. height with a lifting range of 6.1 to 17.7 inches. The high-power engine installed in the hydraulic jack nearly matches all the autos, sedans, SUVs, MPV, pickups, and trucks. 

✅VERSATILE: It also comes with a portable ergonomic-designed electric impact wrench and two sleeves of two sizes, matching more vehicles in the market. It has a powerful motor and precisely-designed speed control system, making it possible to screw and unscrew in a very short time. 

✅CONVENIENT: This portable car lift has two LED lights that help find your lifting area and illuminate your working environment even in the dark. The hydraulic car jack and power cable connectors are waterproof and work even on rainy days. It is also equipped with a barometer and safety valve, you can use the small hexagonal in the electric car jack kit to loosen the car jack manually in an emergency.


  • The electric car jack must be placed on flat ground, and not exceed the MAX load weight (5T).
  • The car jack needs to pause for 20 minutes after 15 minutes of continuous working. Do not operate continuously for a long time.
  • The maximum tire pressure should not be greater than 350kpa.
  • When the jack reaches its MAX height or the weight exceeds its MAX loading weight, the smart overload protection system starts working, the electric jack will automatically stop lifting.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What if my electric car jack won't lower?

A: It is because the safety valve of the car jack is too tight. Please use the small hex wrench in the electric car jack kit to loosen, the bar will lower then. ( Please remember to tighten the safety valve after the bar is lowered.)

Q: What if my fuse blew out?

A: This kit has 2 spare fuses.