Electric Garden Tiller

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Instantly Loosen Your Garden Soil With An Electric Tiller!

Looking forward to getting some new seedlings into your garden? Having trouble with tough, packed soil? Flower beds littered with loose weeds and grass?

Times like these call for a tool just like an Electric Garden Tiller!

Why do you need an Electric Garden Tiller?

Tilling soil is extremely beneficial; it helps distribute nutrients, gets air into the earth, allows your compost to be spread evenly and makes gardening easier in general. Problem is, tilling is a painstaking process.

But not with an Electric Garden Tiller! With the use of long steel blades called tines, an electric tiller makes the task of tilling quick and easy! Saving you time and energy!

Effectively till your garden with an electric tiller, an easy to use, easy to store tool that eliminates the hassle of tilling your garden! 


Why buy our Electric Garden Tiller?

Powerful: A 12 amp motor gives 340 RPM of power to six 8” tines, making hard, packed soil as loose as you would like!

Portable: With a foldable handle and lightweight construction, this electric tiller can easily be used and stored afterwards without any trouble!

Flexible: With 3 position wheel adjustments to choose from, you can easily choose the most optimal position for the most optimal tilling experience.

Easy and Safe: With a single push start button for operation AND a safety switch that protects during use, this tool can be used by a wide variety of people!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does it have variable speed settings?

A: No, this Electric Tiller does not have variable speed settings.

Q: What Extension Cord should I use with this?

A: It is recommended to use this Tiller with up to a 50ft. 10-12 gauge Extension cord.

Q: Will this be able to handle thick grass?

A: The tines of this Electric Tiller are made of 8” long steel, they can handle thick grass such as St. Augustine grass easily.

Q: Can I use this on any type of soil?

A: You can easily use this one loam, sand or packed soil. It is not recommended to be used on rocky or muddy type of soil. The rocks and mud will likely cause the blades to stop.

How To Assemble and Use:

  1. Slide the Clips into the lower handle.

  2. Align the middle handle and the lower handle holes.

  3. Insert a bolt into the holes to secure the handles. Use 2 knob sets to lock each bolt in place.

  4. Do the same for the middle and upper handles.

  5. Slide the remaining clips into the handle and secure your wires into the clips.

  6. Plug your extension cord into a socket with a GCFI.

  7. Plug the power cord of the Electric Tiller into the extension cord.

  8. Direct the tines towards the area that you would like to till.

  9. Turn on the Electric Tiller by flicking it to the On setting.

  10. Start tilling!


  • Product Dimensions: 55 x 43 x 17 inches

  • Item Weight: 27.1 pounds

  • Electric power: 12 Amp

  • Power supply: Electric

  • Maximum plow width: 16''

  • MaximumTilling depth: 8''

  • Speed: 340 RPM

  • Number of Tines: 6

  • Tine Length: 8"

  • Tine Material: Steel

  • Voltage: 120 Volts

  • Wheel size: 5.5"

Package Inclusions:

  • 1 x Electric Garden Tiller

  • 4 x Bolts

  • 4 x Knob Sets

  • Wire Clips


Tilling doesn’t have to be so hard, and neither does your soil! This Electric Garden Tiller is the go-to tool for many growers, gardeners and landscapers because of how easy and quick it is to use!

Upgrade your tilling experience with an Electric Garden Tiller. Get one NOW!