Electric Handheld Cement Mixer

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Easily Mix Cement!

"I like the adjustable speed option and trigger lock so much. It's effective and convenient for DIYers like me. Already used for grout, concrete, and drywall mud. Works really well!" - Aaron H.

Why Buy Our Electric Handheld Cement Mixer?

✅POWERFUL: This has a built-in 2,100W strong copper motor with 110V standard American plug and high efficient vents system, that provides stable power output and protects the motor from burnout, making it safer and more durable compared to other Cement Mixers.

✅CONVENIENT: The dual steering wheel handle design provides a comfortable grip and reduces vibration. With 6 adjustable speed levels, the cement mixer can achieve different mixing speeds for a wide variety of materials easily.

✅LOCK FUNCTION: With an Operation Locking Function, when working for a long time, simply press the lock switch for continuous operation. This is so you don't need to hold down the trigger while mixing. Comfortably reduce the working strength and fatigue of fingers.


  • Suitable for mixing various mid-viscosity materials, including cement, concrete, grout, mud, paint, mortar, plaster, putty, meat stuffing, etc.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the RPM?

A: The rotary speed of this concrete mixer is from 0-800R/min.

Q: Can you turn this into a post-hole digger auger digging drill??

A: This concrete mixer cannot be turned into a digger.