Electric Rebar Cutter

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Effortless Rebar Cuts!

I'll never buy another manual rebar cutter again as long as I live. This thing is amazing and made me feel foolish for buying so many of the old manual benders. This thing didn't skip a beat. – Amanda

Why Buy the Electric Rebar Cutter

✅Powerful and Fast Cutting: With a pure copper coil and 900W motor, the cutter can handle rebar from 4mm up to 16mm with cutting speed of 2-3 seconds. The blade is made of heavy duty steel with a high-density and high-impact PVC material for longer shelf life and durable performance.

✅Adjustable Bolt: The Electric Rebar Cutter is able to effortlessly slice through various steel bars of 4mm up to 16mm.

✅Simple Operation and Easy Storage: Its compact size and comfortable handle makes the rebar cutting process more efficient and time-saving. Just simply press the button and start cutting. Also comes with a high impact resistant case to store and protect your rebar cutting tool.


Q: What type of oil is used in this machine?

A: The Rebar Cutter uses VG 46 hydraulic oil.

Q: Does it spark when cutting a rebar?

A: No.