Emergency Car Tool Kit

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A Must-Have For Car Emergencies!

"I keep this in the back of my truck and it's really handy. Has a variety of ways to unlock different doors. And gives you room to try to grab the lock with all the different tool options included. It's a great kit to have!" - Nicholas V.

Why Buy Our Emergency Car Tool Kit?

EASY TO USE: Get the key in the car in an emergency. This kit will provide you with great help when you need it urgently. Has a storage bag to keep all the tools together when you need them.

CONVENIENT: Comes with a handy selection of different tools to choose from and unlocks your car door quickly and easily in emergency cases. 

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are the tools made of?

A: It's made of alloy steel.

Q: Does this come with a Window Wedge?

A: Yes it has a Long Reach Grabber  (4 sections, 65 inches), Slim Jim, Window Wedge, Button Master, Multi-function Angle Hook, Air Wedges, and a Storage Bag.