Emergency Solar Portable Radio

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A Radio You Can Use Anytime, Anywhere! 📻⛈️

"Actually really like it. I take it to the pool and the beach. Convenient and small fits easy in a backpack. Many uses from emergency situations to a plain radio that can charge your phone. I would recommend it especially if you are prone to losing power, camping, fishing, etc. Easy to use and well worth the price."

- Steve Byers

emergency solar radio

✅ VERSATILE: You have FOUR sources of power, AAA batteries, a Lithium-ion battery, a hand crank, and a solar panel that will make sure that you never run out of juice! Equipped with an antenna to ensure strong radio reception. 

✅ MULTIFUNCTIONAL:  This item is equipped with an LED flashlight, a reading lamp, AM/FM radio, and a USB charging port. It also comes with emergency lights and a siren for disaster and rescue response. The flashlight and radio volume are both adjustable.

✅ DURABLE: Drop-proof design made of hard plastic, along with being rain and spill-proof, it is perfect for use in emergencies and outdoors.


📝 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will the radio work during a storm?

A: The radio covers a wide frequency even during an emergency and also has an antenna attached to allow clearer and more accurate transmission.

Q: How long will it take to charge the batteries using the hand crank?

A: The hand crank takes 4 hours of charging from 130-150RPM of turning. We recommend having an extra supply of batteries in your emergency kit and resorting to the hand crank as an emergency option.


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