Faucet & Sink Installation Tools

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Easily Remove and Install Your
Faucets & Sinks

β€œI was able to go into a really tight spot with this tool and remove a faucet set that had been in place for 10 years. It made the job a lot easier!” - Jonathan R.

Why Buy Our Faucet & Sink Installation Tools?

βœ…EFFICIENT: The faucet installer is best suited for supply nuts, shut-off valves, filter baskets, supply pipeline nuts, and faucet nuts; the open slot gives easy access to existing supply lines and is simpler and more convenient than traditional equipment.

βœ…ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The slotted shape makes the installation tool compatible with any installed water tube system. It has a through the hole design, the basin wrench faucet can increase torque, and the screwdriver is put in the hole to increase rotating force.

βœ…DURABLE: The multi-purpose wrench is made of nylon material (PA66), with anti-skid lines to prevent slippage while working. It also uses high hardness zinc alloy forging, which is sturdy and reliable, and not easily deformed.

πŸ“Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How to use it?


  • Install the T-shaped stripping attachment.
  • Turn it counterclockwise with the wrench.
  • Then, take out the broken pipe wire.

Q: Can I use this on heaters?

A: Yes this is applicable for heaters, dishwashers, sinks, toilet inlets, narrow spaces, and water pipe disassembly.