Fingerprint Door Lock

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Seamless Security: Access with a touch

“I purchased this after my previous keypad deadbolt started to fail, and I am glad that it did. This was so easy to install, and it works great. Plus, it was less expensive than my previous one!” - Heather

Why get our Fingerprint Door Lock?

Efficient: Tired of entering codes in a keypad lock or carrying a key? This Fingerprint Door Lock offers three ways to unlock: fingerprint, Bluetooth via the app (within 10m), and backup keys. With 360° fingerprint ID, unlock with just one touch in 0.3 seconds. Ideal for keyless entry on your front door.

✅Manageable: Users can store up to 50 users effortlessly on their smartphone. Easily manage additions or deletions. Set auto-lock times from 10 to 90 seconds directly from your phone, freeing your hands from using keys or codes. Check unlock records to monitor who enters and exits your home. Get instant notification when your lock is opened, easily keep your home safe at all times. Quickly view the door lock's battery status for added convenience. 

Easy installation: It can be easily installed with a screwdriver within 15 minutes, fits most US doors, easily replace your existing door locks. Offer detailed installation steps and videos. 

Durable: Outdoor lock material is made of aluminum alloy, indoor plastic cover plate body, solid and durable, safe and reliable..


Q: Am I able to rekey these locks and use my existing house keys?

A: The lock can not be rekeyed.

Q: If I purchase 10 of these locks will they all have different keys to bypass the fingerprint, or will some of the keys work on some of the other locks?

A:  The keys are different.

Q: The lock does not lock after installing except using the key.

A: When installing, please make sure the spindle on the exterior knob is in the horizontal position.

Q: The lock is not fully unlocked after installing or using a period of time.

A: Please install the latch that came with the lock. The latch can be adjusted to 70mm.

Q: The lock wont connect to the app.

A: Please make sure the Bluetooth is on, if it does not connect, please reset the lock following the user manual.

Q: The lock cannot recognize my fingerprint well.

A: When programming, please place your finger at different angles every time to ensure that a larger area is scanned.

⚙️ Specifications


  • Material: ‎Aluminum
  • Lock type: ‎Biometric
  • Style: ‎Round
  • Special Features: ‎Fingerprint Deadbolt, Up to 50 Fingerprints Unlock, App Unlock, Smart Control with App, Share E-Key, Auto Lock, Passage Mode, Security Mode, Easy Install
  • Control method: ‎App, Touch
  • Connectivity protocol: ‎Bluetooth
  • Item Weight: ‎1.28 pounds
  • Item dimensions: ‎3.93 x 2.76 x 1.18 incheS
  • Package Inclusion:
    1 x Fingerprint Door Lock
    1 x Key