Flexible Extension Socket Bar Set

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Loosen & Tighten Screws In Tight Spaces In Seconds!

“I wasn't even sure something like this existed until I needed it. With these extensions, it was quick & easy to access those hard-to-reach fasteners. These things helped me replace the anodes on my Bravo III outdrive when no other tool would fit. I highly recommend them!” - Dennis Larson

Why Get Our Flexible Extension Socket Bar Set?

FLEX: Easily & quickly loosen and tighten nuts or bolts in hard-to-reach areas using our Socket Extension Bars! These flexible extensions are great for automotive projects needing light torque applications, significantly reducing the difficulty of auto repair and saving time.

VERSATILE: It comes in an 8-inch flex bar with a ⅜” drive and a 6-inch flex bar with a ¼” drive, perfect for various automotive repairs, maintenance, and DIY projects. Both bars maintain excellent rotational torque transfer from ratchet to socket, and the heavy-duty steel wound springs provide total flexibility of up to 45°.

DURABLE: Each extender bar features a heavy-duty chrome vanadium anvil and an anvil receiver with a mirrored chrome finish for a professional look. The tightly coiled steel springs are protected with quality PVC sleeves, and its spring-loaded ball-detent design lets you lock the sockets securely in place without dropping them while in use.


  • Using hand tools may be dangerous. Please keep the item away from children.
  • The square-drive radius corners reduce tool and socket wear on this extension tool set.
  • You can reach awkward angles with up to a 45-degree angle while maintaining great rotational torque transfer.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does it come with a case or molded tray?

A: No

Q: Can this be used with an impact?

A: We don’t recommend using an impact wrench as it is a coiled unit.