Foldable Home Inversion Table

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Safe Inversion Table That Have Your Back!Β 

Pretty easy to assemble, even with a sore back. Comes with tools required to assemble but easier with your own metric socket wrench. My 20 yr old inversion table had a nylon mesh "table" that was starting to feel a bit brittle and unsafe. This one has a wide base, a solid padded table, big handles on the sides, and an ankle lock with a long handle. It is sturdy and easy to adjust for different heights. This is a massive upgrade for me....and the price was good, too. – Jacob M.

Why Buy Our Foldable Home Inversion Table?

βœ… Safe Home Inversion: Our sturdy inversion table, featuring an integrated steel frame, ensures stability and durability. The comfortable ankle holding system and adjustable protective belt enhance user safety. With a securely locked Rear Tube, there's no need to worry about tipping over. This design avoids reliance on shoulder support during inversion, making it shoulder-friendly for those with discomfort.

βœ… Convenient: Easy to assemble and folds quickly in seconds, providing a simpler and safer inversion experience for everyone with back pain. It supports up to 300 lbs. Suitable for exercising your back and neck, aiding in weight loss, and anti-gravity beauty training.

βœ… Balanced Design: This inversion table lets users adjust lumbar support, height, and footrest for a personalized and comfortable inversion experience, ensuring smoothness and balance. Features a rear crossbar with six angle positions for easy adjustment, replacing the typical strap system. Suitable for users with heights ranging from 4'92" to 6'33".

πŸ“‹ Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will my shoulder hurt if I use it for too long?
It doesn't rely on any shoulder support to complete inverting, which is friendly to those with sore shoulder pounds!

Q: What is the recommended height for the people using it?