Foldable Pickup Truck Bed Extension

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Maximize Space with Foldable Bed Extension

Used it for plywood, posts, you name it. Works great! The Rivian has a short bed, with an extending tailgate hinge for 7‘ support, but this lets you haul really long things safely.” - Darrold

Why get our Foldable Pickup Truck Bed Extension?

Durable: Say goodbye to complicated strapping and hitch extenders with this accessory. The Foldable Pickup Truck Bed Extension is made of a dual construction tough canvas outer body with inner vinyl abrasion layer making it resistant against cuts, tears, and abrasions. Suitable for different types of loads with sharp and angled edges.

✅Secured: The Ratchet Strap is the way to go if you are looking for a tight, controlled cinch on your load. Great use with lumber, plywood, heavy furniture, and pipes. Cam buckles are great for hauling watercraft such as kayaks, surfboards, or paddle boards because they ensure a snug and secure fit without over tightening or deforming the load. 

Easy to store: It also comes with a storage bag that fits neatly under your backseat, in your truck bed, toolbox, or wherever it fits. You can also sling it over your shoulder to help a friend.


Q: Will it deal with 4x8 sheet material, like plywood?

A: Yes, it’s specifically designed to secure 4x8 sheet goods. Drywall, plywood, MDF foam board, etc. At 51” wide, it will easily accommodate 4’ x 8’ material.

Q: Is this the 8ft version?

A: Yes