Garage Door Bottom Seal Kit

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Upgrade Your Garage’s Defense!

This product once installed, does an excellent job of keeping out rodents and dirt. Installing the rubber gasket was a little bit tricky because of the friction involved but once installed, I’m thrilled with my garage door and the way it keeps garbage out from underneath. - Jaime B.

Why Buy Our Garage Door Bottom Seal Kit?

Pest Prevention: A properly sealed garage door helps to deter pests and rodents from entering the garage. The combination of the rubber seal and brush creates a barrier that blocks entry points, reducing the likelihood of infestations.

Sealed & Protected: The kit safeguards items stored in the garage by sealing bottom door gaps, shielding them from moisture, dust, and pests, preserving the condition of vehicles, tools, and equipment. Additionally, it offers weather protection, blocking rain, snow, wind, and dust, maintaining a clean and dry interior.

Enhanced Design: Our upgraded garage seal features a 5cm brush addition, effectively blocking dust and debris from entering. Made with EPDM rubber for improved processability and resilience in extreme temperatures (-40°~300°F), ensuring year-round protection for your garage. Universally compatible with various door types including flat bottom, wooden, steel, sliding, and entry doors. Simply measure your garage door length to select the appropriate size seal kit.

📍 Installation Tips: 

  1. Clean the garage door bottom before starting.
  2. Attach the brush strip to the Aluminum Track and then to the door. 
  3. Use detergent for easier rubber seal installation.

📋 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will it work on swinging garage doors?
We do not recommend that you use them on swinging garage doors. The garage seal is installed from the bottom of the door and the distance between the swinging garage doors and the floor is difficult to meet the installation and use requirements.

Q: Can this be used on garage doors where the track is built in to the bottom of the garage door?
This seal includes a new multi-piece track that replaces the old track. The length is cut into multiple sections so that it can be shipped at normal rates. It fastens to the door via screws that penetrate the vertical section of the L-shaped tracks. If your track is not removable (mine was) this can probably be installed to cover the old track. Installation Hint: Do not tighten the screws through the track sections to the door, and have a can of silicone (or other) lubricant to spray the seal rubber as you install it. It is hard to pull the seal through three individual tracks in a row without those two tricks.