Garage Door Cable Drums

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Revitalize Your Garage Door!

These parts are perfect fit, and installed fast! - Adrian Dean

Why Buy Our Garage Door Cable Drums?

✅DRUM: Make sure your garage works right & for a long time with our Garage Door Cable Drums! It revitalizes your old & worn down drum with a seamless installation from one drum to another. This prevents any further damage for any other garage door parts or even the door itself!

✅PROLONG: This prolongs the life of your garage door system as it strengthens one usually overlooked part of your garage. It prevents problems like tangling & fraying from the drum being warped or cracked. This makes it so that your garage door can now operate more smoothly & quietly.

✅DESIGN: It’s a standard lift garage door drum which means it’s for 7 to 8 ft tall garage doors. It can individually lift 265 lbs with a total of 530 lbs. It’s great for most homeowners & it’s practically an OEM replacement with its high-quality build & reliability.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do you have the pinion for Wayne dalton model 2115?

A: Unfortunately, we do not.

Q: Does it come with both left and right drums?

A: Yes, it does.