Garage Door Cable & Pulley Kit

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Fix Your Garage Door!

Keeps my 50 year old double garage door in perfect working order! Saved me thousands of dollars for a replacement!! - Jeffrey Farley

Why Buy Our Garage Door Cable & Pulley Kit?

✅REPAIR: Cover your bases for a garage door repair with our Garage Door Cable & Pulley! You never know what’s really causing the issue so having a replacement kit is incredibly handy. Not only do you have the main parts of the cable & pulleys, but also the related parts to it as well. This makes garage door repairs so much more streamlined!

✅VERSATILE: This is designed to work with multiple styles of garage doors. It works with 9 to 12 ft doors which are more than the standard. Specifically, they work with torsion spring doors up to 12 ft and extension spring doors up to 9 ft. You can be reassured as it fits a multitude of doors above the standard ones.

✅DESIGN: The two pulleys included in the kit are rated to lift 200 lbs each while the 3/32” cable can lift 960 lbs and the ⅛” cable can lift 2,000 lbs. You can be reassured of its quality as its made of alloy steel & made with the specifications in mind to lift heavy garage doors throughout the lifespan of a home.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Would this work on a Craftsman garage opener?

A: These are not garage door opener parts. They are garage door parts for doors that use extension springs rather than a torsion spring. This kit is used to replace the worn or broken pulleys and cables. If your problem is with the opener you need to check with that manufacturer.

Q: Can this be used on an electric garage door?

A: Yes, these cables are used when you have the two long springs that open the door manually or with an electric garage door motor. Please be careful installing the cables with the springs attached. Have 2 or 3 vice grips handy to help hold the tension on the cables. when installing or replacing. have the garage doors open to relieve tension.