Garage Door Reminder

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Prioritize your home security!

This device is really easy to install and provides a nice warning when the garage door is open. We occasionally forget to close ours so this is really helpful. –Steve

Why Buy the Garage Door Reminder? 

✅ Whole House Notifications: The sensor provides blinks and beeps to indicate the status of the garage door or any room in your home. It has customizable light and beeper notifications can be set up to alert users in any room of the house.

✅ Easy Installation: The installation process is quick and straightforward, involving a simple "peel and stick" method. Designed for user-friendly setup, allowing anyone to install it to monitor valuables and enhance safety.

No Wi-Fi Required, With Phone Alert Notification: Senior citizen-friendly setup. Operates 100% wirelessly without the need for Wi-Fi, passwords, or monthly subscriptions. This Wireless Door Reminder app is free so you can monitor your garage door on your smart device indoors or out, up to 100 feet away from your door.

✅ Long Battery Life: Utilizes Advanced Bluetooth Low Energy technology to provide an extended battery life of up to 2 years. Battery life is estimated based on an average of 5 minutes of door usage per day.


Q: How long will the alert light stay on when the garage door is left open? Does it remain lit until turned off manually?

A: It will remain lit as long as the door is open.

Q: Can this be programmed to close after certain minutes eg. 5, 10 or 30 minutes?

A: No.