Garden Broadfork w/ Fiberglass Handle

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Easy Soil Care For Everyone

This is a brute of a broadfork that my non-muscular body can handle. I am creating a garden in clay soil and grass...I am able to get this into the ground and get things "opened up" pretty easily. The entire tool is well made and high quality. I would buy this again and would recommend it!” - CJ.

Why get our Garden Broadfork w/ Fiberglass Handle

✅Non-damaging: Some gardening tools disrupt soil life by mixing too much, harming essential bacteria and microorganisms needed by plant roots. The Garden Broadfork w/ Fiberglass Handle is an ergonomic gardening tool that makes turning, tilling, lifting, and aerating soil effortless without heavy lifting and over mixing. Getting your spring garden ready has never been simpler

✅Durable: This tool has five strong steel tines, great for tough soil and harvesting root veggies. It's 30% tougher than other products due to its steel fiberglass handles and a reinforced wood core. The structure of the handles are not prone to rot or breakage like wood. It also comes with comfortable vinyl grips to ensure a secure hold while you work.

✅Easy to use: This product is designed to make gardening easier on your body. Unlike traditional shovels or pitchforks that require bending and lifting, the Broadfork uses your body weight instead of muscles. 

Easy to store: With tines and handles measuring up to 56” storing the product might seem difficult. Good thing the handles can be removed for convenient storage during the off-season. When spring comes again, just reattach them and you're all set to start working.


Q: How should the handles attach?

A: There are two bolts per handle and tightening it should make the connection quite solid. A customer had theirs since spring and they have not loosened at all.

Q: Are the tines welded?

A: Yes


  • Hold the Broadfork upright, so that the tines are angled straight down. 

  • Using your bodyweight, push the tines into the ground using your foot. 

  • Once all of the tines are underground, gently rock and wiggle the tool to loosen the deep soil. 

  • Then, with your foot still on the tine crossbar, grab the handles and pull back using a combination of your body and the tool’s leverage.