Garden Clips

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Support and Protects Your Plants🌱

“I use them for my vegetable garden and they are the most convenient clip ever! The clip is that the center is large enough to hold numerous small vines or a couple of larger branches without hurting them, while the front (small opening) is used to secure the clip to a trellis or stake.”  - Rita Mitchell

How Convenient Are These? 👌

Durable: Clips are made of high-quality plastic that will not suffocate your growing stems. These are spring steel wire set of 20 clip rings – 10pc tiny 1" and 10pc large 1-3/4" reusable, waterproof, and non-rusting.
Garden Clips

Flexible: Pinching with one hand is easy with the clips since you can gather foliage with one hand while attaching it to a stake or line with the other.

Garden Clips

Multipurpose: The clips help in the controlled upward growth of your plants, flowers, and vines. Vegetables and climbing plants can also be trained using this method.

Garden Clips

📝Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are plant stakes included?
A: No stakes are included.

Q: How to use these clips?
A: To trap the stem and the support in one motion, simply pinch the handles to open and release. Pinch and clip with one hand while inserting the support and stem into the clip with the other.

Q: What plants and flowers can I use these for?
A:  Keep your vegetables/veggies, flowers, climbing and crawling plants or small trees together, like tomato, beans, cucumber, zucchini, eggplant, watermelon, cantaloupe, summer squash, sugar snap peas, pumpkins, baby corn, peppers, grapes, black-eyed susan’s, vine, hydrangeas, honeysuckle, clematis, climbing roses, lily’s, ivy, jasmine, mandevilla, sunflower, moonflower, morning glory, nasturtium, sweet pea, bougainvillea, trumpet, canary, carolina, madeira, orchids, hummingbird plants.

Garden Clips Specifications