Garden Hand Wheel Rotary Edger

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Clean Edges, Beautiful Gardens

Very easy tool to assemble and use. You can really see how I edged up my slab because of all the weeds that have grown around it but it was very easy to use. I had to pull those out, which was harder. I’ve gotten away from my usual yard maintenance. This is better for now especially with me having kids that can help with the yard work. It’s very sturdy. ” -  Tee

Why get our Garden Hand Wheel Rotary Edger?

Effective: Unwanted plants growing on the edge of your attractive lawn or pathway? Remove those with minimal effort by using the Garden Hand Wheel Rotary Edger. Easily create clean edges along garden beds, pathways, or lawns.

High Quality: The blades on this manual edger are self-sharpening and cleaning for continual cutting. The blades are made from high-grade stainless steel, featuring sharp edges honed for seamless operation. The working parts are plated with an anti-rust coating, ensuring longevity and durability. Complemented by a stainless steel handle, the tool offers robustness and resilience for prolonged use.

Adjustable: Three heights can be adjusted to different lengths: 30.7”// 44.5”// 58.3”, it is suitable for people of different heights and can perfectly match your habit of using tools.



Q: Do the blades need to be sharpened periodically?

A: Yes you have to sharpen the blades periodically. A hand file will do.