Gas Powered Post Driver

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Effortless fence post installation!

I love this product! It has saved us so much work! I am 63 and have horses, I change fences around, all by hand pounder, exhausting. I didn't even know these existed, so glad I bought this and now it takes me and hubby half an hour to fence in 2 acres. –Linda

Why Buy the Gas Powered Post Driver

✅ Efficient Fence Installation: The Gas Powered Post Driver helps install fence posts and stakes quickly and efficiently. It is designed to reduce operator fatigue and back strain, making the installation process smoother and more manageable, allowing users to easily put up fences around their gardens, properties, or livestock pens. Engineered to install fences and stakes at a faster pace, promoting a smoother installation process.

✅ Powerful Engine Performance: It is equipped with a 1.3 horsepower, 4-stroke engine that operates at 1,500 to 2,000 beats per minute, enabling quicker and easier driving of posts and stakes.

✅ Lightweight and Versatile: The device includes multiple adapter collars for the barrel, measuring 1, 1.77, 2, and 3 inches respectively. This allows for the driving of posts with diameters ranging from 0.75 to 3 inches. Weighing only 28 pounds, this gas-powered impact driver minimizes the need to carry heavy equipment, making it easier to use around the property.


Q: What type of oil is recommended for the crankcase?

A: For the driver crankcase, we recommend 75-Series GreasE. For the engine crankcase, we recommend 10W30 engine oil.

⚙️ Specifications

  • Power: 1.3 horsepower
  • Power Source: Gas
  • Beats per minute: 1,500 - 2,000
  • Item Weight: 28 pounds

📦 Package Inclusions

  • 1 x Gas Powered Post Driver
  • 4 x Adapter collars
  • 1 x Tool Kit