Grease Pump Coupler

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Must-Have Attachment For Your Greasing Needs!

"Very easy to use. Should have gotten this sooner!! This doesn't leak or waste grease like other fittings." -Morgan K.

Why Buy Our Grease Pump Coupler?

✅EASY TO USE: Has a unique design that stays locked on your zerk fittings. Simply replace your existing coupler with this. To release the coupler, just push down the thumb lever to release it.


✅CONVENIENT: Start saving grease, saving time, and getting rid of the daily frustrations that bad greasing equipment brings. Remember that regular greasing improves machine life and uptime. Has four hardened spring steel jaws that are resilient under high pressure (over 10,000 psi).


  • Fits all Grease Guns with a 1/8” NPT fitting ( battery, pneumatic, manual).
  • Fits all SAE and Metric Zerk fittings.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will this work with a Lincoln pneumatic grease gun?

A: Yes, this is a universal coupler that is rated for up to 10,000 PSI with standard 1/8 in NPT

Q: How long is this fitting? Not sure it will fit where I need it to.

A: The dimensions of the coupler are as L: 3½ x W: ⅗ x H: 1⅗ In (L: 88 x W: 16.4 x H: 41 mm) Diameter (front coupler) ⅗ in (16 mm). Fits most recessed Zerks (grease nipples).