Hand Primer Seating Tool Kit

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Easily seat primers the easy and right way!

“I can say that this hand primer kit is the best in the market! The hand primer is convenient, I like the ability to adjust the primer depth. Once it's adjusted for seating to the proper depth, you never have to worry about crushing a primer again! I also like that the kit has everything you need, including different shell holders. I highly recommend this!” - Ted V.

Why Buy Our Hand Primer Seating Tool Kit?

✅  EFFICIENT: The primer tool is specifically engineered to use for seating primers in a caliber and to avoid “over seating” and when used properly, helps eliminate the potential of crushing a primer.

  • It features an adjustment dial which precisely adjusts the seating depth one thousandth of an inch at a time with a total adjustment range of fifty thousandths. Once the desired seating depth is set, simply squeeze the handle and seat the primer correctly. 
  • Its integrated hard stop design will never seat primers deeper than the specified depth; thus, eliminating the need to worry about “squeezing until it feels right.”

✅  WIDE APPLICATION: It works with both small and large primers as it features a quick thumb release system that allows you to switch from small to large primers easily. The package comes with 12 shell holders of different sizes, allowing it to be compatible with 652 different calibers.

✅  PORTABLE: With a hand-operated and portable design, you can quickly and easily prime anytime, anywhere! 

✅  COMPLETE SET: This kit includes all the needed components for seating primers, including a primer tray that holds 100+ primers for quick seating, and a heavy-duty case for storage. The case includes 3 extra posts so you can store more shell holders. 

✅  DURABLE: It is constructed of a heavy-duty die-cast zinc with steel internal components. The tools and components are stored in a robust injection molded case.

📝  Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I assemble this? 


  1. Pour the primers onto the primer tray.
  2. Slide in the primer tray to the hole in the primer tool.
  3. If you’re using small-sized primers, use the small thumb release hardware. If you’re using large-sized primers, use the large thumb release hardware.
  4. Choose from the 12 shell holders the appropriate size that would fit to your bullet shell/caliber, then install it to the primer tool.
  5. Slide in the bullet shell/caliber to the shell holder.
  6. Then, grip on the primer tool to release the primer onto the bullet shell/caliber.
  7. Check if the primer is seated correctly. 
  8. Then, priming is done! 

⚠️ NOTE:

  • Unless the primers are actively being seated, they should be stored ONLY in their original container. Avoid touching them, exposing them to any oil, solvent, or other contaminants, because even oil from your fingers can render them dead or cause problems with the primer. 
  • Primers should NEVER be forced, crushed, or stuck by anything.
  • Always use eye protection when handling or seating primers.

Q: How do I check if the primer is seated correctly? 

A: You can check by placing the primed shell case on a flat surface and pushing it gently. If it goes straight back to upright, then the primer is seated correctly. If it wobbles, the primer is not seated correctly.

Sliding the index finger across the bottom of the primed shell case can also quickly let you determine if the primer is above or below flush.