Hand Rake Leaf Scoops

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How does this Protect Your Hands? ✋😌

"These leaf scoops made picking up the leaves SO MUCH easier than messing around with multiple rakes. The scoops really help grab a large number of leaves and also save your back from bending all the way to the ground. I would definitely recommend these to family and friends!"

- Sam Kensler

 FAST AND FLEXIBLEGets the job done fast, grass or leaves wet or dry, rake with minimal fuss or spills. You can even use it for fruit picking, spreading mulch, feeding leaf shredders, cleaning up pet messes, and more!

  PROTECTIVESecures a custom fit, giving you a barrier from stinging nettles rosebushes, weeds, sharp needles, nails, toys, and more. The durable plastic construction is also guaranteed to last a lifetime.

✅ EASY TO WEAR: Easy hang and fit together design. Store it in your garden shed when not in use!

📝 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I properly wear this and will this fit any hand size?

A: They are ergonomic when used correctly with the 4 fingers and thumb on the top side. These Hand Rakes are universally designed to fit all hand sizes.

Q: Can I pick up other stuff with this? 

A: These are great for picking up other items around your garden, like fruits, pods, pinecones, branches, and more!