Hassle-free Fridge Lock

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Lock fridge doors and Travel smoothly

This is a great way to secure the refrigerator doors. I have tried several child lock devices with limited success. This device is great! The installation is very easy using existing brackets.” - Burrko

Why get our Hassle-free Fridge Lock?

Convenient: Opening and closing of refrigerator doors when traveling are unavoidable but with the Hassle-free Fridge Lock, this ensures the security of your fridge. No need to worry about flying food from your refrigerator when going through a bumpy path because this lock closes the doors securely! When you want to open your fridge, you can just pull up the little handle and place it in your fridge’s door since it’s magnetic.

Easy Installation: No need for multiple tools when installing, this Hassle-free Fridge Lock only takes less than 10 minutes to set up. This is also easy to engage and disengage with one hand. Providing you quality security and stressless usage.

Compatible: This lock is compatible for most refrigerator models and structure such as French door, Top freezer, Bottom freezer, Four door French, and Quad door! The fridge lock requires a minimum 0.6" horizontal gap between the refrigerator and freezer doors


Q: Will this work on my fridge?

A: This will work on full-size residential refrigerators with French Door, Top Freezer, or Bottom Freezer Configurations. It will not work on Side-by-Side models. The Fridge Fixer does require a minimum 0.6" horizontal gap between the refrigerator and freezer doors.


  • Contain plastic and metal parts. Some of the plastic parts are fabricated on 3-D Printers, so the 3-D printed parts do have a slight "grain."

  • The 3-D Printed parts are strong but not "unbreakable." They are very durable and should perform as designed under reasonable conditions.

  • Mounts in the gap between the refrigerator and freezer doors. If there are any obstructions in this gap, it can interfere with the products operation. Check your door gap for obstructions and check the undersides of the doors for anything that will interfere.


  • Insert door block into the frame.

  • Remove the block to quickly access the refrigerator.

  • Put the door block behind doors to prop open for storage.

  • Door block will store magnetically on most doors.