Heavy Duty Bulk Bag

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Reliable and strong storage solution.

These are not only huge bags, they are also very very strong. These have helped us so much in cleaning up around the yard. They can hold a ton of stuff like branches, dirt, even old appliances and they haven’t ripped or tore at all. These are definitely built strong and can’t hold a lot of weight. Would Recommend!! –Hugo

Why Buy the Heavy Duty Bulk Bag? 

✅ Storage and Transportation: Provides a durable, reliable, and spacious solution for transporting and storing heavy, bulky materials. It is designed to handle weights up to 3300 pounds, making it suitable for various industrial, construction, and agricultural applications and ensures the safety and integrity of the items during transportation and storage.

✅ Convenient DesignEquipped with a sealable closure design that allows for effortless sealing of the bag, ensuring the safety and integrity of items during transportation and storage. It also has a Four-loop X-type base design to support heavy weights. Ample space to accommodate various items; powdered, granular, or bulky materials.

✅ Durable MaterialsMade from high-density woven coarse cloth for excellent durability and tear resistance. Made to Maintain stable performance in industrial, construction, and agricultural environments.


Q: What is the overall dimension of this item?


Q: What is the product made of:

A: Woven Polypropylene

⚙️ Specifications:

Weight capacity: 3300 lbs

Material: Polypropylene

Color: White

Package Inclusion: Heavy Duty Bulk Bag