Heavy Duty Garage Deadlock

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Lock Your Garage!

Very solidly built! Great peace of mind to know that my garage is tons more secure now! - Levi Boone

Why Buy Our Heavy Duty Garage Deadlock?

✅LOCK: Prevent intruders from going through your garage with our Heavy Duty Garage Deadlock! This is useful even if you use a remote system as it physically locks it from opening, proofing it from hacking or forceful attempts. It’s incredibly useful for people looking to go on long trips & vacations!

✅INSIDE: This works only on the inside providing you one more layer of protection. Intruders would have to enter your house instead, deterring most thieves & giving you peace of mind. Because of this it’s an easy addition to your security features in your home.

✅DESIGN: It’s made of incredibly durable galvanized steel. This makes it so that it’s reliable in the case of people trying to force their way through the lock. The size of it is so that it fits in most garages & it only engages in a vertical track.


📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What size is the hole for the lock?

A: The hole diameter is 3/8".

Q: Will this damage an automatic garage door opener?

A: No, it will not.