Heavy Duty Garage Door Hinges

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Fix Up Your Garage Door!

This project was high quality and more robust than the hinges that came on the garage door. Highly recommended! - Aaron Hopper

Why Buy Our Heavy Duty Garage Door Hinges?

✅HINGE: Fix up your hinges with our Heavy Duty Garage Door Hinges! It allows your garage door to roll up smooth & quiet once more as you replace your defective hinge. It’s incredibly easy to install without having to interact with the more intricate and complicated parts of your garage door. It also saves you money from paying someone else to fix your simple problem!

✅OPTION: This has #1, #2 and #3 hinges which means you can expect a replacement for your hinge part on standard garage doors in our store. Fits most 7/16” roller stems, you can find these hinges at the lowest part or at the 2nd or 3rd section of your garage door. Check to make sure which number hinge you need.

✅DESIGN: These are heavy duty 14 gauge steel that's built to withstand long & continuous use of keeping sections of a garage door together while it’s operating. They’re as heavy duty as your old one and you’ll find them to be as reliable & durable with a galvanized finish to prevent rusting or other corrosive materials.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do these hinges come with the screws?

A: No, they do not.

Q: Does it matter which side is above the other side?

A: No, it does not matter. These hinges are symmetrical on both sides.