Heavy Duty Garden Woven Fabric Barrier

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Powerful Protection Against Wild Plants!

Great product! We used this barrier for a large, wild plant-infested area that we turned into a raised-bed garden, and it worked great! It is easy to install, lightweight, and very durable. Perfect for controlling wild plants and keeping them away from our garden.” - Lisa Gomez

Why Buy Our Heavy Duty Garden Fabric Barrier?

RELIABLE: Mulching the soil with this barrier fabric can effectively retain soil moisture, increase soil temperature, and promote root development to improve the yield and quality of plants. It is super flexible to shape for your home landscape projects, and the green stripes make alignment and trimming easier. Save your time removing wild plants by hand!

PROTECT: The premium polypropylene material won't harm the environment of your garden. This barrier can protect the garden's ecosystem, thrive plants, and reduce soil erosion. It allows some air, water, and soil nutrients to reach the soil yet blocks the light and restricts growth, preventing wild plants.

TOP QUALITY: It is made of a professional, tightly woven polypropylene fabric needle. Its premium material is durable, tear-proof, easy to cut, and can be used for a long time, keeping your flower beds or garden tidy. Perfect as an underlayer for artificial grass, flower beds, ground covers, garden walkways, gravel pathways, raised bed projects, and driveways.


  • The woven layer should face up for better sun protection, barrier, and more vital water permeability.
  • It is designed to let air and water through; thus, it can conserve your soil's humidity and improve its value, saving your water time but keeping water from being puddled on the top of the fabric.
  • Just unroll, cut it, and fix it to the desired area. Please secure the barrier with landscape staples for a better wild plant control effect.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is this safe to use in raised beds for vegetables?

A: Yes

Q: Can I place it above the wild plants, or do I have to remove it first?

A: You should at least mow down the wild plants to give you a uniform base. The barrier will then smother the wild plants from there. Also, use plenty of landscape staples to secure the fabric in place.

Q: Will this work for use under a pool liner?

A: Yes, it can be used under a pool liner.