Heavy-Duty Hoist Magnet

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 Magnetize Your Lifts!

"I use this to lift various sheets of steel of differing thicknesses. Works like a charm. Once you flip the lever to on it is on and not coming off.” - Hayden Muller

Why Buy Our Heavy-Duty Hoist Magnet?

✅LIFT: Lift steel sheets safer & more efficiently with our Heavy Duty Hoist Magnet! You simply need to flip the lever to lift anything from 220 to 3,300 lbs based on the variant you pick! This is great for the electricity, engineering, transportation, and mining industries. With this you won’t have to lift heavy materials and risk injuries or accidents or have to do time-consuming rigging, simply place it on the steel material and turn it on!

✅DESIGN: The chrome-plated anti-collision handle, designed for security, offers a reassuring grip and minimizes the risk of unintended activation. Our heavy-duty hook, crafted from high-strength steel, guarantees durability and ease of maintenance, empowering you to lift with confidence and precision. The U-shaped bottom groove is compatible with both flat plates and round steels, boosting a wider range of applications.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What sheet thickness does it work with?

A: It can handle steel sheets of 0.2” - 2.2”

Q: Can it handle rounded metals?

A: Yes it has a u-bottom design that can lift round-shaped metal.