Heavy Duty Marine Battery Terminal Kit

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The Battery Terminal For Heavy Duty Setups!

"Comes with everything you need. Installed on my truck and working great. Sturdy and hefty terminals.” - Joe Clemons

Why Buy Our Heavy Duty Marine Battery Terminal Kit?

✅HEAVY DUTY: You don’t need to worry about rust or corrosion with our Heavy Duty Marine Battery Terminal Kit! It’s made of lead alloy that makes it uniquely resistant to these worries. It also connects tightly to the battery and has a better seal and comes with everything you need like covers, anti-corrosion washes, heat shrinks & 2 Gauge 3/8" Copper Lugs.

✅DESIGN: These connectors provide ample space for multiple cable batteries, simplifying the installation of air compressors, winches, auxiliary fuse boxes, power setups, sound systems, lighting systems, and more.

💭 How To Use 💭

  • ❗ Reminder ❗

    • It doesn't come with a solder
  • 📋Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: Can this work for a 1 wire on each side of the terminal battery

    A: Yes, it can and you can add more as needed.

    Q: Would this fit an ‘07 Mustang?

    A: If it is a top terminal battery.