Heavy Duty Panel Dolly

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Push Panels & Lift Less!

"I used it to move a 90 lb. 36” wide telescope base on edge through doorways and other areas. It’s the best! - Anthony Fox

Why Buy Our Heavy Duty Panel Dolly?

✅DOLLY: Get easy panel & sheet transport with our Heavy Duty Panel Dolly! Featuring two pneumatic 10" wheels, ensuring a smooth and noise-free moving experience in all terrains. It has an adaptable clamp grip, perfect for moving doors or panels of different sizes. With positive locking clutch plates and an auto-clamp design for added security, this tool not only streamlines your workflow but also ensures ease of use and reliability.

✅DESIGN: Crafted for the toughest loads with a robust 600-lbs capacity. Ideal for handling drywall sheets, heavy appliances, and materials, this cart ensures efficient and reliable transport. It has two options that feature innovatively designed side plates that swiftly adjust from 0 to 7.9 or 11 inches, accommodating materials up to 7.9 or 11 inches thick, offering versatility in handling various plates or slabs.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is it fully adjustable?

A: Yes, you can go from 0 to 7.29 or 11” depending on which option you picked.

Q: What wheel type is it? Is it solid?

A: It is a pneumatic wheel that’s 10” in size.